Hamish Johnston

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative


︎︎︎ Voices of Peckham

︎︎︎ Break Bread

︎︎︎ Body Language of
     Hostile Architecture

︎︎︎ Reversal

︎︎︎ Peckham Palms

︎︎︎ A Common Ground

Voices of Peckham

An exploration into the urban regneration in Peckham, South London. Voices of Peckham encompasses the stories and emotion encapsulated within the complexity of the on going change through a series of interviews.

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June 2019

Break Bread

Working with Government Digital Services [GDS], myself and a small team of others designed a workshop that highlighted the importance of collaborative working in order to achieve more fluid conversations between start up business’ and Government.

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Mar 2018

The Body Language of Hostile Architecture

A series of designed artefacts that provide a more playful solution to some of the cities more hostile elements of architecture.

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Jun 2016