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︎︎︎ Body Language of
     Hostile Architecture

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Voices of Peckham
Research & Designer

An exploration into the urban regeneration in Peckham, South London. Voices of Peckham encompasses the stories and emotion encapsulated within the complexity of the ongoing change through a series of interviews.

The primary goal of the project was to understand the impact that the development in the area was having on members of the local community. Although I had already established relationships with a number of people in the area, the sensitivity of the subject created barriers which I had to break down in order to begin having the necessary conversations.

Whilst documenting the interviews, I changed my approach from filming them to just voice recording as it was less intrusive and allowed for more organic and open conversations.

I designed an interactive map to host the interviews as I felt it was the best way to visually document and archive the information I had gathered. It also meant that I could share the platform with people from the local council in order for them to understand the impact their decisions were having on people in the area.

Listen to the interviews here.

Skills used:
︎︎︎ Brainstorming
︎︎︎ Qualitative Interviewing Techniques
︎︎︎ Networking/People Skills
︎︎︎ Videography & Photography
︎︎︎ Coding

Jun 2019

Screenshot of platform:

Project being exhibited in Copeland Park, Peckham: