Hamish Johnston

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative


︎︎︎ Voices of Peckham

︎︎︎ Break Bread

︎︎︎ Body Language of
     Hostile Architecture

︎︎︎ Reversal

︎︎︎ Peckham Palms

︎︎︎ A Common Ground

Researcher, Designer & Maker

Reversal sets out to critique our urban cityscapes and highlight the inclusivity set out by the architecture within our built environments.

The project stems around a helmet that allows the user to experience a reversed perspective, in which the users vision, senses and physical actions must be adapted to suit the distorted reality. Simple tasks become significantly more difficult as your body is forced to function in these unnatural and uncomfortable forms.

Through immersing individuals into this difficult to navigate world, it allows them to understand how existing architectures and infrastructures in our urban environments are not always designed to be inclusive for people with physical or visual disabilities to navigate

Skills used:
︎︎︎ Brainstorming
︎︎︎ Multidisciplinary Working
︎︎︎ Rapid Prototyping
︎︎︎ Videography & Photography
︎︎︎ Iterating & User Testing

Jun 2019