Hamish Johnston

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative


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︎︎︎ Body Language of
     Hostile Architecture

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︎︎︎ Peckham Palms

︎︎︎ A Common Ground

Peckham Palms
Research, Maker & Workshop Facilitator

Peckham Palms is home to new Afro hair & beauty salon in South East London. Due to the development of Peckham Rye Station, the business' were forced to move from Blenheim Grove, outside the station, to a new location.

Whilst working with Something & Son, I was responsible for working with the women from the salons to allow them to have as much of an input into the design and build as possible. This was done through a series of workshops and ideation sessions, some of which included creating woven hair patterns from bungee chord which were then casted and made into pillars for the new site.

As well as this, we created pop up spaces for the team and stylists to work in during the build of the new site.

Skills used:
︎︎︎ Ideation Workshops
︎︎︎ Qualitative Interviewing Techniques
︎︎︎ Networking/People Skills
︎︎︎ Videography & Photography
︎︎︎ Design & Building

Jun 2019