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Break Bread
Service Designer

Working with Government Digital Services [GDS], myself and a small team of others designed a workshop that highlighted the importance of collaborative working, in order to achieve the task of aiding more fluid conversations between start up business’ and Government.

In order to fully understand the issue, we firstly acted as if we were in the position of the user and tried to sign up to the relevant Government portals. Whilst doing so, we mapped out this process to understand if there were any obvious errors or opportunities to innovate. After discovering limited flaws in the service we identified the issue to be within a lack of communication between departments in Government itself rather than when signing onto the portals.

As a result of this, we designed a bread making workshop that forced all participants to communicate and share information in order to progress onto the next step. Each person within the workshop was allocated a booklet that contained information that would only make sense when combined with the other participants.

We tested and iterated the workshop a number of times on multiple groups including a group of college students. The workshop created a framework that not only could be applied to any collective decision making or problem solving task, but allowed each group to come up with their own way of sharing the information and progressing through to the next stage.

Skills used:
︎︎︎ Brainstorming
︎︎︎ User Journey Mapping
︎︎︎ Experience Prototyping
︎︎︎ Double Diamound
︎︎︎ Multi-disciplinary Working

Mar 2018


See person 1 & person 6 booklets below: