Hamish Johnston

Multidisciplinary Designer & Creative


︎︎︎ Voices of Peckham

︎︎︎ Break Bread

︎︎︎ Body Language of
     Hostile Architecture

︎︎︎ Reversal

︎︎︎ Peckham Palms

︎︎︎ A Common Ground

Body Language of Hostile Architecture
Research, Designer & Maker

Some spaces are for us – as users of spaces, they welcome us in, they are friendly and catered for our fragile human form – others are hostile to us. Spikes stick out from the ground, ledges resist our arses, bridges hurry us across, and metal bars stop youths from skateboarding throughout cities. The Body Language of Hostile Architecture explores the relationship between our bodies and the architecture around the city of London.

The designed artefacts aim to overcome some of the more uncomfortable elements in more playful manners, inviting human form and hostile architecture to become one.

Skills used:
︎︎︎ Brainstorming
︎︎︎ Making
︎︎︎ Product Design
︎︎︎ Rapid Protyping
︎︎︎ User Testing

Jun 2019